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CodecCash calculation

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How does the pricing work?

Pricing is based on a simple purchase of CodecCash as a package or per single one. Then CodecCash can be spent to access our services.

Do you have free services?

Yes, you could always build comparative reports of various codecs based on publicly available data.

What services are price-based?

Running custom pipelines for your specific needs will cost CodecCash.

How is the price in CodecCash calculated?

The number of CodecCash needed for a specific pipeline is dependent on the complexity or required computational resources mapped on a 130-frame stream. The major factors influencing the CodecCash price are:

  • Encoder complexity – various codec implementations and configurations need different numbers of computational resources;
  • Stream parameters – resolution, bit-depth and subsampling, stream length.

What is a pipeline?

The pipeline is a sequential run of encoding of a single stream with a specific set of settings, decoding of that stream from the previous step, and the quality metrics calculation between the decoded and source stream.

Do you offer a trial for a paid plan?

We don't have a trial for a paid plan, but after registration, you’ll be provided with a set of CodecCash for service evaluation.

Do you offer enterprise plans?

Yes, if you are looking for an enterprise plan, please, write to us, and we will come up with a suitable solution for your company.

How is the total price calculated for the session?

The first price of a single pipeline is calculated as a function of the selected codec, its configuration, and a stream.

Then all those pipelines are summed up for all streams selected.

And finally, multiplied by the number of operational points needed, i.e., the number of points needed to form an RD-curve.

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Where could I obtain all the factors which impact the pipeline cost?

Please refer here for a broken-down price and calculation methodology.

CodecCash calculation methodology


“CodecCash” means an internal currency that could be used to access our services.

“Encoding” is a process of transforming the original uncompressed stream into an output compressed bitstream. The process is configured by codec and codec parameters.

“Decoding” is a process of transforming the compressed bitstream into a reconstructed uncompressed stream.

“Metrics calculation” is a process of calculation of the video quality metric using original and reconstructed streams.

“Pipeline” is a sequential run of encoding of a single stream with specific parameter settings, one of which varies, and others are fixed, decoding of that stream from the previous step, and the quality metrics calculation between the decoded and the source stream.

“Iterables” means a set of various parameters of the pipeline.

“Operational point” is one of the results of a pipeline execution with a specific iterable value. It consists of two numbers and represents the point on the 2D plot. Real bitrate is mapped on X-axis, and the quality metrics value is shown on Y-axis. Operational points from all iterable values belonging to a specific pipeline form a single RD-curve.

“Session” is a whole set of pipelines executed for one or more streams for one or more operational points.

“Raw data” is one of the results of the pipeline execution with a specific iterable value. It consists of various intermediate data without processing, like: compressed bitstreams, reconstructed streams, per-frame quality metrics data in CSV, JSON formats, and other information generated during the pipeline execution.


Pipeline price breakdown

Pipeline price breakdown

Session price breakdown

Session price breakdown


Coefficient Tables

Stream specific

Let’s define “width” as the longer side of stream resolution in pixels and “height” as a shorter side in pixels too. Then the resolution coefficient is defined in the tables below when both width and height satisfy the restrictions.

Resolution valuesCoefficient
Width <= 480
Height <= 288
Width <= 704
Height <= 576
Width <= 1280
Height <= 720
Width <= 2048
Height <= 1080
Width <= 4096
Height <= 2160

Duration values

The stream duration in frames is divided by 130 and rounded up.

Some examples:

Duration, in framesCoefficient

Codec specifics

Codec standardImplementationRevisionCoefficient
Research 3

Subscription process

Do I have to make the prepayment?

Not necessarily. You may use a pay-as-you-go plan if you cannot predict how many CodecCash you need.

In other cases, we recommend that you use a subscription. It will help you to reduce costs.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards.

If the card payment does not go through, what should I do?

If the payment does not go through, check the main reasons why the payment may be declined:

Invalid card data entered

Expired card

Credit limit exceeded

If the payment still does not go through, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Does the subscription renew automatically?

No, it's indefinite. The subscription is valid until the minutes run out.